As the title suggests this blog (mainly) features poems or related short writing pieces (both those that I wrote and ones that I think are worthy of being shared) and me pontificating on issues of the day, the past and the future.

I make no promises about a consistent publishing schedule, so the schedule will be determined by two major factors.

1.If I come across something in the news that interest me (say the HK Uber fiasco or IS terrorist gets tackled to ground by American Soldier, which for once is a real thing that happened and not clickbait posted by the drudge report)

2. If I come across something I wrote before (I used to write for the school paper) and think it’s worthy of a repost. This also includes stuff for which you guessed it was also written by yours truly and stuff I posted on reddit that deserves a 2nd shot (or can you violate your own copyright?)

Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments (though aggressive, stupid or aggressively stupid comments will result in bans/reports etc.)


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